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Flash series
Adopting 3D NAND FLASH which significantly improves product density. The capacity is up to 1TB
HS-GEAR4 interface significantly improves sequential read/write performance. Processing time is shortened that device enter standby mode eralier to reduces power consumption
Ultimate speed experience, suitable for mobile intelligent terminal products
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Helping you easily find products that match your needs
Product Series
Protocol standard
Velocity mode
NAND flash type
Package type
Package size (mm)
Read speed (MB/s)
Write speed (MB/s)
Operating voltage (VCC/VCCQ)
Operating temperature
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Application field
Smart phone
Compatible platform
Serial number Platform name
01 Qualcomm
02 MediaTek
03 Purple Light Sharpening (UNISOC)
04 Allwinner
05 Rockchips
* This section only shows some compatibility with mainstream platforms